Audio English-Chinese Pregnancy Vocab

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Want to be able to communicate with the doctors and nurses at your next checkup?

Planning on having a baby in China?

Planning on doing prenatal visits in China?

Moving to China with a baby?

Then this is for you!

Being able to communicate with the doctor makes having a baby in China so much easier. With this audio list, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the doctors and nurses!


Why do I need this?

Having a baby in a foreign country is difficult. One of the main reasons it’s so difficult is because of the language barrier. If you can’t speak the language, you can’t communicate with the doctors and translators are hard to come by and often can’t speak enough English themselves to communicate effectively on your behalf.

This list has been compiled over many years and personal experiences by the creators of Having a Baby in and other contributors. This list is curated to specifically show the words related to prenatal and postnatal that an expat in China needs to be able to communicate effectively with a doctor.


What’s included?

  • Over 350 Pregnancy related Vocabulary words!
  • Chinese words slowly spoken by a native Chinese speaker!
  • PDF of all 350+ vocabulary words in English, Chinese and Pinyin for offline studying.
  • 11 Tips for Expats moving to China with Kids


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