99 Questions for Global Families


Quality Conversation Starters for Families Crossing Borders

99 Questions for Global Families is a powerful tool designed for families who are living cross-culturally. By setting aside time to ask these simple questions to the people in your home, you will discover things you never imagined and understand what you already knew on a completely different level. Whether you pick a question once a day, once a week or even once a month, you will gain tremendous insight into how each of your family members processes the joys and challenges of their life abroad. Find out how your kids feel about their host country and their passport country. Learn what stretches them, what challenges them and what excites them the most. Dig deep into what makes your family and your adventure unique. You will probably laugh, you might cry, but you will absolutely learn something new about the people you love most. 99 Questions for Global Families is one in a series of books helping take relationships deeper. For more information on the 99 Questions series, as well as other free resources, go to www.thecultureblend.com.

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