My Body, My Baby


Take Charge of Your Holistic Childbirth Experience and Celebrate It

by Irene Chain-Kalinowski

The truth is not all women in today’s society have the choice around childbirth. And now is the perfect time to change that. Women should not be made vulnerable to the system. And that’s exactly what midwife-nurse Irene Chain-Kalinowski wants to achieve with her book, My Body My Baby. This hopes to give childbirth back to women so they can make informed choices and celebrate them. “You need to be well informed throughout your entire childbirth experience and only then can you make healthy choices,” adds Chain-Kalinowski. “After all it is ‘Your Body and Your Baby’.” And this book does just that. It allows women to take charge of childbirth – and celebrate this experience. Often times, women are vulnerable and busy taking care of their baby after their birth that they do not have time to complain. But they do need to find time to do that. The media release needs to highlight that women deserve the right to free and informed choices. In this experiential, insightful and empowering read for expectant mothers, the author has indeed re-echoed the voices of countless women throughout history, calling for every woman to be able to choose where she births, to have control of her experience, and to be given choices.

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