The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

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The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

No. 139 Renmin middle road, Changsha.



Zhōng nán dà xué xiāng yǎ èr yī yuàn

Cháng shā shì rén mín zhōng lù yī bǎi sān shí jiǔ hào


  • Phone: 0731-85295888
  • Phone: 0731-85295100
  • Phone: 0731-85295999
Web Address:
Wechat ID: gh_8cf32f96c792
WeChat QR Code:

Public or Private?


Appointment or Outpatient?

By appointment

Appointments can be made on wechat, alipay or their website

Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was founded in 1958 as an affiliated hospital of central South University. It is the largest comprehensive public hospital in Hunan and is also a Class Three Grade A hospital, which plays an important role in medical service in Hunan.


English service available?


Are foreign doctors available?


Does hospital direct-bill insurance companies?

Is NICU available on site?


Are natural birthing alternatives available (water birth, birthing on a yoga ball, etc...)?


Epidural analgesia available.

Does the hospital offer any fertility treatment options?


Artificial Insemination, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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Serena Hou


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