HuaXi Hospital (Chengdu)

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Huaxi Hospital

No.37 Guo Xue Xiang,Chengdu,Sichuan



huá xī yī yuàn

Sìchuānshěng chéngdū shì wǔ hóu qū guó xué xiàng sān shí qī hào


  • Phone: +86 28 85586698
  • Phone: +86 28 85422408
  • Emergency: +86-28-854227761


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Wechat ID: WestChina_Hospital

Public or Private?


Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSM/WCH), also as known as Huaxi Hospital or The International Hospital of Sichuan Province, is a prestigious and well-known medical center located in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province.
WCSM/WCH has adopted a unique system in which one leadership team manages both institutions. This "dual organization" has continuously innovated its management model and initiated a series of scientifically-based reforms, which has ensured sustainable development of the hospital. WCH has been ranked among the best several times in the annual competition "Hospital Management Year" conducted by the Ministry of Health, and it won the Asian Hospital Management Award in 2008. Its management and achievements have been widely recognized at home and abroad, and it has hosted hundreds of visits by leaders from large and medium-sized hospitals each year in the recent decade.
WCSM/WCH continues to pursue the philosophy of "Care and Service" with the spirit of "serving humanity, exploring science and pursuing excellence". It strives to uphold the motto of the hospital – "Morals, distinction, knowledge, truth, innovation and excellence" by serving its homeland and world with selfless dedication. WCSM/WCH forges ahead towards the goal of establishing itself as an internationally acclaimed center of research and clinical excellence.


English service available?


Some doctors can speak English.

Are foreign doctors available?


Does hospital direct-bill insurance companies?


Billing: They recommend that you familiarize yourself with the type of coverage provided by your health insurance and that you know whether you've met all necessary terms. If the insurance company has cooperation with their hospital, please fax a guarantee document to +86-28-85422788. No deposit will need for the patient with the guarantee from an insurance company. On the day of your arrival, you may be required to pay a deductible or co-payment and no deposit will be required with the guarantee. If you have no medical insurance or your insurance company has no cooperation with them, an admission deposit (¥10,000) may be required. The pre-admission coordinator will discuss the deposit with you. The patient can pay the bill by credit card or cash. Invoice and detail of the cost will be sent to you after discharged from the hospital.

West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSM/WCH), also as known as Huaxi Hospital or The International Hospital of Sichuan Province, is a prestigious and well-known medical center located in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province.

This hospital is considered the best hospital in Sichuan province and has a Golden Leaf branch specifically for foreigners. The hospital’s cleanliness is impressive as well as the English level of the nurses.

This hospital doesn’t not provide service for gynaecology and obstetrics service. Their service is as below. The West China Second UniversityHospital of Sichuan University (WCSUH- SCU), also known as West China Women’sand Children’s Hospital is provides very good gynaecology and obstetrics service.

1) Outpatient service-General Practitioner

All the General Practitioners in the outpatient department of IHSP are all well-trained and licensed to practice medicine. Physician specialists in endocrinology, nephrology, urology, orthopaedics, pulmonary and critical care medicine, hematology and otolaryngology from WCH are readily available by consultation to assist in the care of IHSP patients. The hospital provides emergency service 24 hours×365 days. The patients are treated timely and conveniently.

2) Inpatient service

There are 56 beds in the in-patient department. The hospital admits more than 2,000 patients every year. Internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and otolaryngology are regularly involved in the care of these patients. Patient transfer and consultation between IHSP and other departments in WCH have been standardized and stream-lined. If surgery is deemed necessary, preparation for surgery and recovery after surgery took place at IHSP.

24-hour hotline in Chinese and English has been setup to provide instant health information for members of IHSP and the general public. The Hospital is a partner of SOS, AEC and other insurance agencies and provides service such as patient transfer and filing for insurance claims.



Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Founders of, Jeremy and Jacquelyn have four children. The first three were born in three different hospitals in China and the last was born at home in the US. Jeremy and Jacquelyn created in 2009 after they found little information for foreigners having babies in China. They love connecting with other foreigners having babies. Learn more about them on the about page.

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  1. Jose Dominguez

    I understand that a friend of mine has been transferred to HUAXI Hospital. I am currently in Hawaii. How can I contact the hospital in order to contact her.


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