Contribute to HABIC!


We often get asked if we allow guest bloggers to write for our blog. And the answer is a resounding, YES! We love guest bloggers. To help guide you in knowing how to proceed:


Do you allow guest bloggers?

Yes. We’re happy to have guest bloggers. Our only request is that all blog posts are relevant for readers of

Can I include a link back to my website in the blog post?

First, if you guest post with, one of the first thing we will do is create a mini-profile with a picture and short bio. (See example posts listed below.) In that bio you can place a link that can go to your personal website, blog, or “about us” page. Regarding linking within the article itself, we do allow it, but will monitor it carefully. Similarly stated above, as long as the links are relevant for readers of, it is mostly likely ok. If you are linking to a product or service that you are selling, please consider paying for a Business Partnership.

Can I post an affiliate link?


Do you ever deny guest blog posts?

Of course. We often get spam-like requests that are no-brainers to refuse. If the content you are offering is not in alignment with what we think readers of would find valuable, we will not post it. At the end of the day, it’s a subjective call that we hold all rights to refuse any contributions at our own discretion.

Do you charge for guest blog posts?

No. But we do offer a business partner membership.

Anything else I should know?

  • Just because we allow a guest blog post, does not mean that we endorse your content, opinion, or mentioned products or services. We reserve the right to append a message to your blog post saying so.
  • We prefer original content. However, there are times that reposting an existing article is appropriate. If it is a repost, please let us know the location of the article on the web so that we can properly attribute it.
  • A picture will help your blog post to get much better reading results from our audience. Please only send pictures that you have rights to. Do not find a picture on Google images and send it to us. That is a potential copyright infringement. Pictures you have taken yourself or have acquired the rights to legally are happily accepted.

Do you have an example of guest posts that you can share?


What topics would you like written about?

Here are some examples of topics.

  • Your own experience having a baby in China
  • Health tips for pregnant moms
  • Language and culture experience and goofs
  • Tips on being a foreigner in China
  • Traveling with kids
  • Living overseas in general

The number of topics is quite vast, so do be creative. That being said, blog posts that are not related to will not be posted.

Great! So what’s the next step?

Contact us at with a proposed topic, website you’ll be linking to, and any example articles you have written. After that, you can start working on your mini-profile and article. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!