Eating the Placenta
After giving birth to the placenta the doctor will ask if the mother wants the placenta.  Eating the placenta is believed by many in the world to help prevent postpartum depression, encourage milk production, shrink the uterus, decrease postpartum hemorrhaging.  The placenta is made up of vitamins, minerals & hormones which can aid in a quick recovery from childbirth.  In China it is also used for medicinal purposes and the hospital will often sell them.

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  1. maia

    Hi Jeremy,
    Dehydtating the placenta so that capsules of powdered placenta can be made up is very common now in Australia and UK. Many Mom’s still eat a bit of raw or frozen placenta or cook it up with garlic in a bolognese meat sauce!

    What is the percentage of Chinese Mom’s who eat their placenta?
    Thanks for great site.
    Maia (midwife)


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