General Info

CultureLiving in China does not come without its challenges. There are many new things to get adjusted to: different cuisine, different customs, different language, and a completely different culture. Having a baby in China is certainly no exception to the rule.

Depending on your location in China and your personality, adjusting to life in China can vary. Foreigners that go to a very rural area, where there haven’t been a lot of foreigners before, are often bombarded with a lot of attention. Cities like Beijing & Shanghai, where there have been more foreigners traveling/living there, the people are more used to seeing foreigners and their customs. Some people take to this without any problem, but others are quite averse to it. Especially when it comes to their children.

*As you read these pages please remember that China is quite diverse and customs differ from place to place. You may find things where you live the same or different. If you have customs that you’ve observed not mentioned on this site, comment below and let us know your experience.