Doulas in China

Learn about doulas – what they do and how they can support you. And get to know doulas in China!

Our 1st Course Launched!

Having a Baby in China: The Course…launched! We’re so excited to announce the launching of our first course! This has been a years-long dream of ours to be able to create this course! We’re also thrilled to be able to

Pregnancy & COVID-19

Over the years, Jacquelyn has found to be a great resource for pregnancy information. They work hard to distill evidence about pregnancy and birth into understandable points for the rest of us. They’ve already done some excellent research on

10 Tips for Living Under Quarantine

HABIC contributor, Ruth Greene’s family created this fun video about what to remember during Quarantine. Enjoy! And stay healthy!

What does Postpartum look like in China?

As a followup to his previous video, Watch a Public Hospital Birthing Experience in China from Labor through Delivery, Expat and Youtuber, Alex Absolute, explains some of the unique aspects of postpartum care in China. It gives great insight to

Rylee’s Hospital Stay

After such a dramatic entrance into the world, the hospital room seemed so calm and serene for the next two hours. I was content to hold our new baby Rylee, answering the nurses’ questions about who we were and how

Rylee’s Birth Story, Wenzhou No. 2 Hospital, Nanpu Campus

On the morning of April 12, I woke up around 6am. The first words to my husband that day were, “Jeremy, my stomach hurts!” I had been having light contractions for several days, and my due date had been the

Rare Blood Type in China

For foreigners with uncommon blood types, China’s recent medical advances has good news! Hospitals in Jiangxi province felt very uncomfortable dealing with uncommon blood types back in 2012. When doctors learned I had B-negative blood, they strongly recommended I deliver

Ash’s Birth Story, Wenzhou Bajia Oriental Hospital

February 29, 2013 was my last prenatal appointment with Dr. Chen of the Baijia Oriental Hospital. She had stopped scheduling me for regular appointments before my due date even hit. Every time I entered her office, she acted as though

Watch a Public Hospital Birthing Experience in China from Labor through Delivery

Expat and Youtuber, Alex Absolute, recently filmed his and his wife’s experience at The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (FHWMU). He was able to take sneak his camera in to give us a glimpse of what giving birth

Rhogam in China…it’s Complicated

Obtaining RhoGam in China For the latest info on obtaining RhoGam, please contact administrators.Contact us. Until becoming pregnant in China, I regarded my rare blood type as merely a fun fact. My mom had mentioned it to me in

Testing a Water Purifier in China

One of our goals when we returned to China was to find a solution for our drinking water. After having lived with using water “tongs” for many years, we wanted something that was a bit more integrated into our home.

A Story of Love, Pregnancy and Navigating Cultures in China

To come straight to the point: Last week I got married and next year I will become a father. As you will understand, there is a reversed causal link between these two occasions. In order to convey these two facts

5 Tips For Giving Birth Abroad

Ruth’s 5 Tips for Giving Birth Abroad: Tip #1: Know Your options Tip #2: Keep open dialogue with your partner Tip #3: Appreciate your host culture Tip #4: Use the Internet wisely Tip #5: Build your community Watch the video

Choosing a Hospital in Shanghai to have a Baby

An interview with an expat mom Having a baby is one of the biggest and most rewarding decisions anyone can make. But delivering in a foreign country can also be daunting. Many expat moms-to-be wonder, “Should I go back to

Pregnant after Miscarriage in China

Ruth is 20 weeks pregnant and discusses the feelings surrounding being pregnant after miscarriage. (Youtube video)

Introducing our Daughter – Labor & Birth in China

Jacquelyn introduces to the world her 5th daughter. This was her 4th child born in China and she explains what the experience was like. (Youtube video)

Five Weeks after the Miscarriage

Five weeks after her miscarriage, Ruth has more reminders of the fact that she’s not pregnant any more and it’s a hard reality to face. (Youtube video)

Shopping for Clothes in China

Ruth goes on a mission to find some new clothes in China. It’s not as easy as she thought it would be. (Youtube video)

Hooked up to a Fetal Monitor in China

Jacquelyn is sitting in style at the hospital as she’s hooked up to a fetal monitor. (Youtube video)

Shopping over the October Holiday while Pregnant in China

The entire city of Tianjin joins Jacquelyn at IKEA over the October holiday. (Youtube video)

Importance of Exercise

Ruth is outside getting some exercise with some friends. Exercise is excellent for the mind and body. If you’re pregnant, be sure to check with your doctor to see which exercises you should do. (Youtube video)

Appreciating the Relationships I Have

Ruth talks about appreciating the relationships that she has – especially with her husband – in the aftermath of having a miscarriage. (Youtube video)

Reminders of a Dream Lost – Ruth Vlog

Ruth stumbles upon mementos that suddenly propel her back to the pain of having a miscarriage. (YouTube video)

Seeing the Fetus after Miscarriage – Ruth Vlog #16

Ruth talks about what it was like to see the fetus after she miscarried. (Youtube video)

Preterm Labor & Birth in China

This post originally appeared on and is reposted with permission by the author, Felicity Miller. Going into premature labour is a very stressful situation to find yourself in. However, there are ways to increase your chance of having a

3 Things I Hate Post Miscarriage – Ruth Vlog #15

As Ruth continues her grieving process since the miscarriage, she describes 3 things that she hates. (Youtube video)

Taking Time For Yourself – Ruth Vlog #14

It’s important to take time for yourself after a traumatic event. Grief cuts out the margins to be able to handle the daily bumps. (Youtube video)

Pregnant in China – What about sexual intercourse? – Jacquelyn Vlog #5

In this video Jacquelyn discusses her experiences with doctors’ advice in China regarding sexual intercourse. *This post should not be considered medical advice. Always get medical advice from a trusted doctor. Here are some benefits sexual intercourse during a healthy

Let’s Talk Practical about Miscarriage Part 3 – Ruth Vlog #13

Ruth finishes talking about her experience with having a miscarriage in China. She also brings up some of the questions she had for the doctor about 2 weeks after the miscarriage. (Youtube video)