Fun Activities for your Kids in Beijing

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ID-10045674Growing up in China can be great fun for your kids if you allow them to enjoy the country. There’s no doubt that children have an open-mind, are receptive and learn new things fast, so make the most of raising children in China by giving them an extra advantage that their counterparts in your home country don’t have. There are many fun activities in Beijing for your kid to enjoy.
If your child is about eight-ten years old, take the little one to the Mutianyu segment of the Great Wall. There’s an over 700-meter-long ski lift to the top, plus a toboggan ride. Your kid will love it; do it one weekend every couple of months or so. Better still, make it a family tradition! Head to the Beijing World Park, which houses the most famous landmarks from several countries, all in miniature. The park is about 20 km from Tiananmen Square.

Amusement all the way!
There is no dearth of amusement parks in China, the Beijing Amusement Park being one of them. There are rowing boats, thousands of trees, and plenty of water! There’s another amusement park called the Shijingshan Amusement Park, which has many fun games. If your kids loves wildlife, and which kid doesn’t, take them to the Beijing Zoo, once in a while. The Beijing Aquarium is another fun place for the kids to spot some beautiful species of aquatic life. There are dolphin and sea lion shows that your child will love.

Taste of local culture
It is really fun raising children in China because you can expose them to the traditions, rituals, art and crafts of one of the world’s oldest and richest civilizations. If you live in Beijing, take your child to the Beijing Curio City, or the Minlong Poetry Market. Your child will cherish these memories later on in life. The Panjiayuan Antique Market is not a bad idea either, where shadow play, ancient paintings and coins are exhibited.
Take your kid to an acrobat show, of which there are plenty in Beijing. Some are held at the Chaoyang Theatre, and your little one will be thrilled to see bike riders pulling off stupendous stunts! Enroll your little one in a Kung Fu class or an origami class, of which there are plenty in Beijing. Learning a skill or two early on in life will come in handy and it might be the highlight of your years of raising children in China!

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

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