Our 1st Course Launched!

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Having a Baby in China: The Course…launched!

We’re so excited to announce the launching of our first course! This has been a years-long dream of ours to be able to create this course! We’re also thrilled to be able to work with such a talented group of Expat childbirth experts who represent a vast number of years of experience in China.

Having a Baby in China: The Course

As you can imagine (or have already experienced), having a baby in China is a unique experience full of questions, doubts, and even fears. This video course walks you carefully through what it looks like to have a baby in China with extremely qualified experts explaining key concepts and considerations.

Check out the topics our experts have put together for us!

  • Choosing a Hospital in China
  • Routine Checkups and Tests in China
  • Advocating for Yourself during Pregnancy in China
  • Having an All Natural Birth in China
  • Having a C-Section in China
  • Breastfeeding in China
  • And more to come!

Check out our Lesson Authors:

Check out why we think you’re going to love this course:

  • It will give Peace of Mind to expats having a baby in China.
  • 3 expat childbirth experts share invaluable information.
  • Lifetime access to the course. 5 of 10 video lessons are complete. You’ll get full access as they are added.
  • Lifetime access to the forum where you can discuss with students and instructors!
  • Connection with our WeChat group.

Check out our intro video:


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