Our 1st Course Launched!

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Having a Baby in China: The Course…launched!

We’re so excited to announce the launching of our first course! This has been a years-long dream of ours to be able to create this course! We’re also thrilled to be able to work with such a talented group of Expat childbirth experts who represent a vast number of years of experience in China.

Having a Baby in China: The Course

As you can imagine (or have already experienced), having a baby in China is a unique experience full of questions, doubts, and even fears. This video course walks you carefully through what it looks like to have a baby in China with extremely qualified experts explaining key concepts and considerations.

Check out the topics our experts have put together for us!

  • Choosing a Hospital in China
  • Routine Checkups and Tests in China
  • Advocating for Yourself during Pregnancy in China
  • Having an All Natural Birth in China
  • Having a C-Section in China
  • Breastfeeding in China
  • And more to come!

Check out our Lesson Authors:

Check out why we think you’re going to love this course:

  • It will give Peace of Mind to expats having a baby in China.
  • 3 expat childbirth experts share invaluable information.
  • Lifetime access to the course. 5 of 10 video lessons are complete. You’ll get full access as they are added.
  • Lifetime access to the forum where you can discuss with students and instructors!
  • Connection with our WeChat group.

Check out our intro video:

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman
Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Founders of havingababyinchina.com, Jeremy and Jacquelyn have four children. The first three were born in three different hospitals in China and the last was born at home in the US. Jeremy and Jacquelyn created havingababyinchina.com in 2009 after they found little information for foreigners having babies in China. They love connecting with other foreigners having babies. Learn more about them on the about page.


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