Downer Day – Ruth Vlog #12

Ruth discusses feeling down. Is it the result of lingering hormones from the pregnancy? (Youtube video)

Exercising while Pregnant in China – Jacquelyn Vlog #4

Chinese doctors have different ideas about exercise than that of the West. Jacquelyn discusses a bit about her exercise routine and how it’s been beneficial. (Youtube video)

Flying while Pregnant in China – Jacquelyn Vlog #3

Jacquelyn explains what it’s like to fly in China while pregnant. Sometimes it feels a bit like a guessing game as to whether they’ll let you fly or not. (Youtube video)

Elijah’s Birth Story

This article first appeared on and is published with permission from the author. On June 16th we went out with friends to feast on half-price ribs at a restaurant in Qingdao called Korona. During the day I had been

Let’s Talk Practical about Miscarriage Part 2- Ruth Vlog #11

Ruth shares some of the meds involved with a miscarriage and her personal experience with it. (Youtube Video)

Let’s Talk Practical about Miscarriage – Ruth Vlog #10

One week since the miscarriage, Ruth talks about some practical aspects of the miscarriage. Packing, how to deal with the fetus, things to pass the time. (Youtube video)

Being Alone – Ruth Vlog #9

Being alone is one of the hardest aspects for Ruth after the miscarriage. (Youtube video)

The Baby’s Name – Ruth Vlog #8

Ruth shares the name of the baby and how it came to be.

What does Normal Look Like? – Ruth Vlog #7

Getting back to the routine is both necessary and heartbreaking after a miscarriage. (Youtube Video)

Family Reactions – Ruth Vlog #6

Ruth explains some ongoing symptoms that she’s experiences and talks about how each member of her family is reacting to news and experience. (Youtube Video)

Conflicting Emotions – Ruth Vlog #5

Ruth has conflicting emotions of relief, pain, emptiness, and thankfulness after her miscarriage. (Youtube Video)

Transparent – Ruth Vlog #4

Ruth decides that she’s going to be transparent about the miscarriage process. This is a common enough problem that few people are able to talk about. Hoping it can help others. (Youtube video)

No Heartbeat – Ruth Vlog #3

Ruth’s suspicions and fears about the health of the baby are unfortunately confirmed. Doctors confirm that there is no heartbeat for the baby.

“Concerns” – Ruth – Having a Baby in China – Vlog #2

I woke up to some concerns about the baby. I’m going in for a doctor visit at 13 weeks to check it out.

Ruth – Having a Baby in China – Vlog #1

We’re pretty stoked to have our friend Ruth, living in Qingdao, post her 1st vlog to our site! She’s 12 weeks preggers and looking at her options for having a baby in Qingdao. Hope you enjoy!

Jacquelyn – Pregnancy Update #2

For our 5th baby, we’ve decided to give birth at Tianjin Family United Hospital. This update is a review of the hospital. (Youtube video)

Getting the RhoGam Shot in China

Obtaining RhoGam in China For the latest info on obtaining RhoGam, please contact administrators.Contact us. Getting a RhoGam shot in China is no easy task. Even back in 2006, when we had our first baby, the doctor looked at

Jacquelyn – Pregnancy 1st Update

Big news! We’re pregnant…again… That’s right, we’re looking to have #5. If you’ve read our About Us you know we’ve had 4 babies in 4 different locations. #5 will be at yet another location. For this baby, we decided to

Importing Your Belongings Into China

Beijing, China As the economy of China continues to grow, the employment opportunities for foreign expats have only expanded. Perhaps your company has offered you the chance to transfer, or maybe you’ve received a promotion that requires moving into the

My Life as an Expat Mum in China

This post originally appeared on and is reposted with permission by the author. The life of an expat is often viewed as glamorous, stress-free and full of tasty, exotic cuisine. It’s true, living abroad often does include these elements

Why Is Breastfeeding So Accepted in China?

When you are getting ready to have your first child, there is a lot to learn about in a little bit of time. You have to learn about the health of your baby, what they will need, ready your home

Breastfeeding Infographic

I came across this excellent infographic from the wonderful people over at Click on the graphic to visit their site and checkout the wonderful things they’re working on.

Childbirth and Childcare in Qingdao

Last month I had the pleasure and opportunity to sit on a panel for the Qingdao International Business Association (QIBA). The topic of the panel was “Childbirth and Childcare in Qingdao: What are the options for expats?” Check out the

Four Tips for Obtaining Non-Chinese Citizenship for your Born-In-China Baby

Being married to a Chinese national, I’d assumed that our kids would have dual nationality until they were old enough to decide which one they wanted to keep. Growing up, I knew several military kids had two nationalities, and while it was naive to assume that every country had the same

How to Deal with Strangers Touching Your Baby in China

Most parents, whether they live in China or not, know the frustrations of having to deal with strangers wanting to touch their newborn. Living in China means facing these experiences, on a far greater scale, and in ways that will

Teaching Kids to Embrace Cultural Diversity

As a couple who have become parents in an exclusively foreign environment, this has been a wonderful chance for us to introduce our child to racial and cultural diversity. We are blessed to be able to raise our son abroad,

The Ultimate Rule Guide for Pregnancy in China

Every culture has different rules for pregnant women. While we were traveling through Thailand earlier this year I was about 5 months pregnant, and on more than one occasion we were told that it was okay for me to drink

Battery Sizes in China

…and how to ask for Vodka, too The other day I went to the hardware store to get some batteries. I knew some of the battery names, but one that I didn’t know was how to say “9-volt battery”. So,

Gift Ideas for Your Friend who Plans to Breastfeed in China

Preparing for breastfeeding in China requires us informing those around us about it. There is no shame in whether you breastfeed or formula-feed. It is, after all, a choice. However, letting your close ones know your choices would help be

Big News!

Back in China! The big news is that we’re back in China! After a 4 year hiatus, we’re back in the Middle Kingdom! We are living in Tianjin and looking forward to updating with even more great content! I’m