Tips While Traveling to China with your Children

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Smiling of Asian child in Chinese traditional dressPlanning a vacation to China with the entire family is not so easy, especially if you’re traveling with kids. China is a wonderful place to visit with its many historical buildings, ethnic culture and local cuisine, not to mention the Great Wall; however your kid’s needs and requirements have to be taken into consideration too before you can plan your sightseeing itinerary.

Here are a few child-friendly tips to keep in mind while traveling with your children to China:

What to pack

  • Apart from carrying any particular or specific brands of food or toiletries that your kids are used to, you can find almost everything in China’s local supermarkets so traveling light, especially with kids, would be preferable.
  • If you are visiting China’s upscale cities like Beijing and Shanghai then you will have no problems finding western brands of goods that your kids are used to. But if you are traveling to the countryside, then it’s advisable to carry in bulk, any necessities that your kids might be used to.
  • Don’t forget to carry your child’s favorite bedtime storybook, or toy to help ease and soothe them, as they might feel estranged in a new land far away from home. They might throw tantrums and refuse to sleep at night, making the next day ahead very difficult for you; so it would definitely help to carry something from home that pacifies them. Even bringing along some of their favorite snacks would go a long way in calming their fears.
  • Carry any specific medicines that your children are used to or aren’t allergic to and that have been prescribed by your family physician. Medicines are crucial because the same medicines may not be available in the China pharmaceutical market. Kids are so prone to falling sick, especially while traveling, so packing all the necessary medicines to treat a common cold, cough or the stomach flu is extremely essential.
  • Other essentials include comfortable clothing and walking shoes, your children’s medical records, allergy creams and their brand of diapers to avoid rashes.

On travel

  • While traveling, make sure to keep your kid’s stomachs happy by feeding them at regular intervals and keeping them hydrated. Make sure they get plenty of fresh air to avoid being struck with travel sickness. Make sure to dress them in light and comfortable clothing to endure those long flights. Keep them busy by making them read, color or play with their toys on the flight.



Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

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