Transparent – Ruth Vlog #4

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Ruth decides that she’s going to be transparent about the miscarriage process. This is a common enough problem that few people are able to talk about. Hoping it can help others.

(Youtube video)

Ruth Greene, CD(CBI)

Ruth Greene, CD(CBI)

Having a baby can be hard, especially in a foreign country. I’ve been there. After birthing my first two children at Qingdao Women and Infants Hospital, I went on to help friends in similar situations. In 2014, I took it a step farther to begin training as a DONA International Doula. It is my joy to help expats achieve an enriching and fulfilling birth experience, right here in Qingdao.


  1. Sadie

    Ruth-thank you for sharing. Love you.

  2. Diana Greene

    Holding you close to the Heart. You are on our minds.


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