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           My name is Kathy Miller.  I came to China on July 11th, I was 34 in a half weeks pregnant.  I already had a contact in Chengdu that set me up with a doctor who was to deliver our baby.  I was able to meet him for the first time at another women's prenatal visit.  At this visit I was able to give him all of my paperwork from the United States and set up my first prenatal appointment.  I was scheduled to see him on July 27th, but started having contractions on July 22nd.  I told my husband that I was having pretty regular contractions, but I did not think it was time to call the doctor.  We know a nurse who was to be a translator for me while at the hospital when I communicate with staff, other than the doctor(he spoke English).  She just arrived back from the States on July 22nd, I did not want to call her in the middle of the night.  The contractions were 8 minutes apart.  They were very regular and were as close as 3 minutes apart, but then spaced out to 10 minutes.  I tried to sleep, but continued to have contractions throughout the night. 

           In the morning, we decided to call the doctor.  We told him I was having pretty regular contractions and he said he would come by to check on me.  I never had the luxury of having a doctor come to my home to check on me in the States.  He decided the contractions were too strong and wanted to take me to the hospital.  He loaded my entire family up in his car(husband and 2 daughters) and took us to the hospital.  I was 36 weeks the next day.  He wanted me to wait to have the baby until at least 37 weeks.  He decided to put me on an oral medication to try to stop the contractions.  Our nurse friend came to the hospital with us and was a monster blessing as we conversed with the nurses.  My contractions continued to be 10 minutes apart, but were not too painful.  My friend took my daughters to her house to play with her kids.  My husband and I waited.  The doctor told us he would start me on a stronger medication through an IV if the contractions did not stop. 

           I was still having contractions every 10 minutes, so he changed medications.  He put me on a lighter medication, then a heavier one to attempt to stop the contractions.  All night Friday night the contractions were 10 minutes apart.  I did not have a stop watch and the doctor wanted me to time my contractions.  He gave me his cell phone with a stop watch, so it would be more convenient for me, rather than writing them down on paper.  He was so thoughtful the entire time.  In the morning, on Saturday, the doctor informed us we would be in the hospital at least 3 days to try to stop the contractions.  My husband decided to go home and get some clothes for the stay.  The hospital did provide 2 pairs of pajamas for me, hand towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  While my husband was gone the contractions were getting stronger.  The doctor checked me and said I was 2cm dilated.  He said once I reached 4cm he would stop all medical intervention to stop the contractions.  At this point he decided it was time to call my husband to tell him he should be at the hospital.  Good thing he was already back. 

           They checked me about 20 minutes later and said I needed to get to the delivery room.  I still do not know how far I was dilated, but everyone started moving incredibly fast.  They quickly got me to the delivery room and in 10 minutes, our son was born.  I still had the IV attached to try to stop my contractions!  I guess he was really ready to come out.  The doctor was nervous, as I was early, but the baby ended up weighing 7 pounds!  He had no complications and everybody was great during the delivery.  The sad thing is, my friend who was to be there for the delivery to help me translate was not able to make it(my husband even almost missed it!).  The good news is, with the doctor's great English and the help of the great staff at New Born, we did not have any trouble. 

           After the baby was born and we were back up to my room(a beautiful private room), they provided meals for my husband and myself.  They provided a nurse to sit in my room, they bathed the baby, they changed the baby's diaper, they told me when I should feed him(that was pretty funny being my third child).  They were so attentive to us. 


      After I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor escorted us back home and helped my husband carry our things to our apartment.  He came 2 days later with a nurse to check on the baby and myself.  Any time I needed to go to the hospital after that, he provided transportation to and from the hospital!  Wow, he is a great person.  I was so blessed to have him for my doctor. 

           I had such a wonderful experience birthing in China and I hope this story is helpful if you are looking at having a baby here in Chengdu!




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