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      Here is the birth story of my daughter Zoey in 405 Army Hospital of Penglai last December 6, 2013.
      September 2013, my husband and I husband arrived in Penglai City, Shandong Province China. It’s our first time in China, we don’t know the language and I am on my third trimester of our first baby.
      My husband works as an English Teacher at a private school. One of the 1st things we did is found a good hospital for me. Most people pointed us to a private hospital in Yantai. It’s the big city 2 hours away. However, the idea of traveling every prenatal and during labor did not please me. So we asked our friend to bring us to the nearest hospital. They accommodated me well during my 1st prenatal and even with the language barrier we managed to have a successful check-up. It is only 10 minutes away so I decided to stick with it.
      It was a fine day with a little snow when we visited the hospital for another prenatal checkup. I was already 3 days overdue and could feel no signs of giving birth soon. My NST test convinced the doctors that I will have the baby soon and need to stay in the hospital. I was hesitant at first but agreed to do so after they told me it might be later that day or at night. My husband took care of my admission by paying 2,000 rmb advance. Because of the language barrier, admission was tough with the hospital requesting that someone who speaks Chinese stay with me the whole time. My husband’s coworker agreed to stay with me and so everything was settled. The hospital was very clean with 2 to 3 bedrooms every room (no private rooms). The first night I had a roommate but they moved her to another room and so I had the room to myself with the spare bed for my husband.
      After 3 days no baby came out and I was almost a week overdue so they decided to put me into induced labor. Being induced is having contractions like in normal delivery. It’s painful and the negative results made me feel low. For 3 straight days I was induced from 8am to 5 pm. I only dilated 1cm. I reached the maximum days of being induced and the doctors told me to wait for normal delivery. I felt miserable in the hospital and I asked my husband to take me home and just wait for my delivery there. My husband knew the doctors would not allow it so I told him to make up a story. The best we can make up for a valid reason is that we have no money to pay the hospital if I stay longer. When my husband asked the doctors if I can go with the reason we made, the doctors said don’t worry, they will pay for my bills. So, my husband admitted to them that I’m feeling down and depress. The staff was comforting me and trying to cheer me up every time they checked on me. During this time, all the hospital staff were being extra friendly and tried to speak in English. They even translated all hospital documents into English just for us. My husband brought some instant noodles the 1st day of admission and it freaked out the doctors. After that, I was pampered with home cooked meals courtesy of the doctors. Mostly yellow rice porridge, boiled eggs and chicken and bone soup.
      The doctors talked to me about my latest ultrasound showing the baby was growing fast. They reviewed our options and we decided to do a caesarian operation to be on the safe side. Because I am not dilating and weighing 112 lbs during that time, they are convinced that my baby will be too big for me if we wait which can result in an emergency C-section.
      Around 9am on December 6, 2013 I entered the Operating Room of the hospital. My husband wanted to go inside but it’s against the hospital rules. The nurses promised to take pictures for him though. I have 3 OB GYNE’s with me inside the operating room. The doctors stayed with me in the process even on her day off. Less than an hour later, nurses gave my husband our daughter outside the operating room while I remain inside being stitched. I was asleep the whole time waking up after they stitched me and transferred me to my room. After a few hours I woke up with my little girl in the crib next to me. I was knocked down the whole time and my husband told me quite a lot of people went to our room to check the “foreigners baby”. From hospital staffs to relatives of fellow patients.
      The night after my operation nurses came in to press my stomach. It is very painful but I tried my best to cooperate. A nurse came in and gave me an IV. I asked what is it and they told me its oxytocin. I worked in a pharmacy before so I have this habit of asking what medicines they use on me. I freaked out because it’s the same medicine used when inducing labor. They say they need to do it to stop my bleeding. I feel very miserable and told my husband to call the doctor to stop it. My husband talked me into staying calm even with the pain. When the nurse came back to press my stomach again, I freaked out and scream. Every time she approached me I scream and turn so she can’t touch me. The nurse got scared and call the doctors. Four doctors arrived with more nurses. I beg them not to touch me and remove my IV. The doctor called the anesthesiologist from the operating room to give me a higher dose of pain killer. Then they checked my bleeding and decided to remove my IV. But they still press my stomach. The whole time my husband is attending to our new born much to the surprise of everyone. It’s always the grandmother’s duty to take care of the baby while the mother is resting.
      After 3 days, my husband needs to bring our daughter to a facility for a new born screening and shots. This is also where we process the Chinese Birth Certificate using the hospital birth certificate. I am not allowed to go with them. My husband’s co-worker go with him and the baby for the translations. The doctors told me I need to stay 1 week after the operation in the hospital to make sure everything is okay before I can go home. However, I got a fever on the 5th and 6th day because of breast engorgement so they didn’t want to discharge me after a week. Wanting to go home so bad after 2 weeks in the hospital and knowing my fever is not serious, I secretly manipulate my thermometer to show a normal temperature. No more reason to keep me in the hospital, the doctors talked to me saying they want us to stay a little longer in the hospital. The reason is, I have no one to take care of me in our apartment and being in the hospital I have them when I needed help. They say I have no mother or mother in law to take care of me and my baby while my husband is working. I told them I will be okay and they gave me their numbers. Telling me to just call them if I needed food or someone to take care of the baby. They are so thoughtful and very kind to us.
      So, I went home 15 days after my admission with our Little Girl who weighs 7.8 lbs. The total hospital bill was 5,990.00 rmb.

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