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      After having three children in the
      US and feeling a bit squeamish about delivering the fourth in China, I am
      pleased to say that my delivery experience in China was very positive and at
      least as good as in America. I delivered at Ren Ji hospital in Shenyang. This
      is a new hospital who prizes themselves on patient oriented care. They have
      delivery packages you can choose from that are comparable to US prices. At the
      time they had a promotion and I was able to choose the second cheapest package
      and only pay the cheapest package price (about $3000 US dollars). Their website
      is:  They are located at:
      Road, Shenyang, Huanggu District No. 15 (across from Beiling Park main entrance)

      The package included:
      toiletries, clothing for you and baby, towels, personal bathroom with shower,
      two rooms (guest room and your room), pediatrician, midwife, delivery doctor,
      nanny (who is there 24 hours a day to meet any of your needs; such as ordering
      your food, washing your clothes, caring for your child while you shower or try
      to sleep, etc. etc. you can also ask her to leave if you want) a scrapbook
      photo album professionally made of your child, your family and the hospital,
      delivery basics (meds, and other stuff you typically would need during
      delivery), vaccines for your child, daily housekeeping and I’m sure other stuff
      that I am probably forgetting!


      • They are a private hospital which will listen to your
        birth plan and are able to be more flexible than the government ones. I
        asked to have no IVs, no episiotomy, no unnecessary antibiotics, to be
        allowed to walk, squat, or lay as I want during labor, to not be forced to
        lay flat on my back during delivery, to have my husband present and to
        breastfeed directly after delivery; they accommodated all of these things
        (they didn't allow me to have my son as long as I wanted after delivery,
        but I was allowed to try to breastfeed him, and after he was cleaned up
        they gave him back to me)
      • They provide meals of your choice (I even ordered
        McDonalds one day!!)
      • They provide a very large clean room with two beds
        (King size and smaller hospital one) and an adjacent guest room that is
        fully equipped with a fridge, microwave, TV, computer, and couch…perfect
        for welcoming your guests.
      • They allowed my husband to be present during every
        stage and allowed him to stay overnight. He was also able to take pictures
        in the delivery room.
      • I was able to opt out of things I felt were unnecessary.
        Example: twice a day they would come in to clean my vaginal area. Since I
        had no stitches and no tearing, after the second day the nanny suggested
        they stop doing that and I was grateful for her suggestion!
      • They had internet access and a computer to access it
        with. I used my own laptop with wireless, but it was great to have internet in order to
        download pictures and post them for relatives.


      • They currently do not have anyone that speaks English
        well. I was told in the future they hope to have one of their nurses learn
        English, however, they did allow me to have my International clinic’s
        doctor present and she was able to advocate for me, remind them of my
        birth plan, and translate.
      • I had to wear “delivery pants”! Just when
        they thought the baby was about to come, they put a pair of sterilized
        pants on me with a hole in the center. I was instructed to not touch
        them…I had no idea this was going to happen and so was not able to
        discuss it prior to the delivery.  I didn't like being interrupted in
        the middle of labor to put them on and having to wear the cumbersome
        pants. I was also very hot and this just added to my heat index!
      • They did not use the delivery bed to it's full
        potential.  My husband in hindsight wishes he had been more aggressive
        about asking them to use all of the functions we were shown during the
      • My husband had to wear scrubs, face mask and hair net
        as did all those present except me. I could wear anything I wanted to,
        until they had me put those pants on! But, my husband was vey cumbersome looking
        and hot.
      • You do not deliver in your room. After you are dilated
        to 3 cent. you are taken upstairs to the private delivery room. This is
        unfortunate in my opinion since you are no longer in your cozy relaxing
        room to labor. I did not feel rushed by the doctors, but just being up
        there made me feel anxious to have the child so I could go back to my
      • They do not do circumcisions
      • The delivery room was very hot and my doctor had to
        convince them that I would be okay if they turned on the air conditioner
      • They did not tell me of the sacral dimple my son has. I
        believe they did an overall health check and perhaps found the sacral
        dimple my son had, but they never informed me of it and so I have to
        wonder if they even seen it. It was brought to my attention at the
        International clinic by our American doctor during his 2 week check. I did
        not watch their newborn care closely and so this is something you will
        want to ask about. They have a Pediatrician on staff at the hospital, but
        again, I didn’t watch her in action to be able to have an opinion of her
        level of skill. They also did not do the hearing test that is routine in
        American hospitals. However they did do all other typical stuff if you
        wanted it (blood screening, Vit. K, eye drops, vaccines, etc.) They did
        offer him an oil massage and swimming which I opted out of. They did check
        in on him and ask the typical questions about his diapers.  Since I did not go with him when he was
        given a bath, I can not say for sure if he was given a physical then too.
      • They don’t accept credit cards, need to bring cash or a
        Chinese bank card.


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