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      i have been living in china for 5 years I am an irish citezen since being here I have gotten married and had two babies who are both of irish citizenship with irish passports. Although my husband is not irish (or Chinese) My current problem is that I have recently separated from my husband and need to exit china at least for a while, our youngest is two months old and just recieved her irish passport so I now need to go about getting a exit visa for her. The trouble is i went to the entry exit office and was told by a not very nice woman that I need both her parents passports which is currently an impossible task. When I told her that she told me that is my problem and if I cannot get her fathers passport (not a copy) then she can not leave and will have to be punished ( my baby)  for not having a visa. This made me quite agitated and so I left. I have tried to find information on this matter but there really seems to be no information about it and everyone I talk to has different information. So my main question is how can I go about getting my baby out ASAP without her fathers passport. 

      Thanks in advance 

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