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      the follow post was sent in by Katie

      Katie gave birth in Chengdu in April 2010


      From my experience in China, the doctor is what made all of the

      difference. My due date was right around the date that a new private

      hospital was supposed to open here in Chengdu, so we were hoping to

      deliver there. However, the hospital did not open when it was  

      supposed to, so I ended up delivering at a Chinese hospital. The total cost of

      my prenatal and delivery (by c-section) was $628. The doctor here in

      Chengdu bends over backwards to help foreigners. He speaks excellent

      English, and he walks you through every single appointment. He meets

      you at the door and takes you wherever you need to go. He even  

      offered to drive to our apartment and pick us up when it was time to go to  

      the hospital to deliver the baby. He did not push me to have a cesarean,

      but I was not progressing after 40+ hours of labor. He monitored the

      baby the whole time. By the time I made it up to the surgical room (a

      matter of minutes), my babies heart rate had dropped to 9 beats per

      minute. They had her out in less than five minutes. My husband was

      allowed to be with me the whole time, as well as a friend who is a

      nurse. They stitched me  up instead of using staples, so my scar  

      looks great! I had a private room at the Chinese hospital with a bathroom

      and western toilet. The nurses took great care of me, and Dr. Yang  

      let me return home as soon as I felt up to it (48 hours) because the bed

      was pretty uncomfortable at the hospital and he thought I would be

      able to rest better at home.

      This hospital is the WuHou People's

      Hospital in Chengdu, China. However, my doctor recently opened his  

      own hospital a week after I delivered. It is a private hospital –

      beautiful, clean, spacious, private, the works. It was modeled after

      the United Family Hospitals. I have not experienced delivering there,

      but two other ladies from my city have, and they loved it! The only

      downfall to delivering in Chengdu is that they currently do not  

      have a NICU, so if anything were to go wrong with the baby, he/she would  

      have to be flown out to a hospital in a bigger city that does have such

      care. They are perfectly equipped to take care of the mother in any

      circumstance here. For me, it was a matter of feeling at peace to

      deliver here. I honestly thought we would be flying to Beijing and

      living with friends for our delivery, but we were so thankful to be

      able to be here at home, near each other.


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