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      For those who have decided to have their children in China, has anyone attempted to have a baby shower in China, I mean like a virtual baby shower.

      I’m new to this website, and I’ve definitely enjoyed reading all the posts and such, particularly on Hospital recommendations.  

      I’m a US citizen, married to Chinese.  Since we haven’t been able to get a visa for my husband yet, we’ve decided to have the baby here.  I’d still like to have a baby shower, and include my family in the experience of it all.  I’ve read on the internet that some people have tried a virtual or skype baby shower.  It sounds interesting, and I’m still researching.  

      I’ve looked at websites like amazon and ebay, where you could create a registry and they would ship to China, but the shipping fees are quite expensive.  It would be ideal to use a Chinese website, but then there’s the issue of no translation, and I don’t think you could create a registry.  

      I’ve also thought about having a party later in the States, when we’re all able to go.

      Has anyone here tried this?  Did you have a baby shower here in China, or did you go back to the States, or did you just skip the whole baby shower thing?  

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