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      Hi, I’m curious as to whether or not any of you have kept your babies Chinese and

      not registered them abroad (foreign passport) or otherwise.  My impression is that a child

      can remain a Chinese citizen up to the age of 17 before they need to be registered and perhaps choose to be, in my case, a U.S. citizen.  


      I’ve spoken with parents who have decided to keep their kid(s) Chinese, and it seems like it might be the right thing to do if we are planning on staying in China for the duration (lifetime).  I think it would be good to keep them Chinese and leave room for discussion about having foreign citizenship with a 17-year-old rather than a newborn!  


      I’ve heard all of the talk about why they should be a U.S. citizen, but we really have no intentions of going back to the States.  


      What are your thoughts?

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