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      I gave birth to my daughter almost 2 years ago in Beijing at United Family Hospital (aka BJU) and it was a really good experience. Albeit she's my first, and I've hadn't had any other experience – but from what I heard from my family back in Canada and in Hong Kong, I think my experience was probably a smooth one. BJU is an expensive hospital and thankfully my insurance covered the whole cost of the birth (and epidural) but the service is well worth the cost. 

      As soon as I went into labor and went to the hospital, I had a nurse on me for the whole duration. I was given time to sit in the private whirlpool in a small room to help me ease the pain. After when I came out of the pool – at any time I had contractions, I had her massaging my back through the whole ordeal.

      They spoke English, which was a bonus for my husband who didn't speak Chinese that well, and the doctor I had there (who is now retired) was a foreigner. He didn't come in until I had to push and he delivered my daughter.

      The package includes 3 nights stay and a pediatrician came to check up on my newborn everyday. On our last evening, we had a nice candlelight dinner in our room. The hospital is like a hotel – I had an on suite bathroom and my husband had a pull out bed/couch to sleep on.

      Leading up to my birth, all my appointments were fairly smooth – I would recommend making the early appointment or late evening ones, as I've seen others wait, but with that aside, it was a great experience overall.

      When I have my 2nd one, I would not hesitate to have the baby at BJU again.

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