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Hypnobirthing is now in China | Having a Baby in China

Hypnobirthing is now in China

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      hi!  My friend and colleague Duette Maxon is a longtime doula and certified Hypnobirthing instructor living in Jinzhou, China.  Duette is currently holding regular Hypnobirth classes in Beijing.  Soon she will announce a Shanghai venue, too, beginning in late summer.  

      Anyone desiring a full 12 hour Hypnobirthing childbirth preparation course for couples – or a modified version, i.e. 2.5 hours each evening for 5 days, if you are due soon, etc…   can contact me at BeijingBreastfeeding{AT}gmail.com 

      to try to set a Hypnobirthing class up in your city.   The normal class fee is 2500 flat fee.  This covers 12 hours of material.   The HB class fees might need to be adjusted in some circumstances (one couple only, in a city that requires plane travel etc)…we can talk about the options.  

      Best to contact me well in advance, as Duette has travel fees and other scheduled classes to consider.  Once we have at least 2 couples signed up and a date and venue decided upon, I am happy to help with forum postings and such to find a few more couples.  Of course private sessions are also great, and can address personal issues.  We can talk about timing and cost, a great deal will depend on your location and how many trips Duette would need to make. 

      I have 3 kids (age 9,7, and 4) all born in China.  Two were home births here in Beijing.  I loved laboring in the water and using HB techniques, and I know how wonderful and empowering a calm all natural birth TRULY IS – nothing like it-  and how it positively affects everything:  your marriage, your relationship with your baby and later, older child, and more… and I think all women should have the very best  chance at it!

      There is a huge study going on right now through the UK National Health Trust, with 4 or 5 hospitals in UK using hypnobirthing preparation on a portion of the mothers.  Lots of previous research has found self hypnosis and self calming techniques to be helpful, lowering C section rates and other interventions.   

      google hypnobirth ncbi to learn more!  Also the hypnobirthing websites are http://www.hypnobirthing.com  and http://www.hypnobirthing.co.uk


      sorry for such a long post, I just get so excited about natural birth – I honestly also feel that it’s a human rights issue – we women are being routinely shortchanged – robbed – of the most amazing experience available to humanity, the sacred moments after a calm and pleasant birth! 

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