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      I will try and keep this as brief as possible but it will be hard since delivering Lucas was not so brief!


      It all started on Monday, July 27 when my friend Ruth, Anna (my 3 year old daughter) & I got on the train from Qingdao to Beijing to await the arrival of my second child. We finally got all settled in Beijing around 11pm that night.


      I woke up around 1:30 am to go to the bathroom and my water broke. I panicked, then I prayed took a few deep breaths and pulled myself together. I decided, after doing a little research online, that I could let everyone sleep a little while. I laid down and rested. I began to have slight contractions but nothing terrible. Around 4am I got up and called my husband Jeremy and told him to get on the first flight to Beijing.


      Around 9 am Jeremy arrived came and picked me up from the house and we drove to the hospital together. Once at American-Sino Ob/GYN hospital they confirmed that my water had broken and immediately admitted me. (This was around 10:30 am Tuesday July 28.)


      The doctor allowed me to let my body go into labor by it's self but I wasn't allowed to get out of bed since the baby's head wasn't engaged and the cord was wrapped around his neck. She didn't want to have a prolapsed cord.


      The contractions continued but were not very strong or consistent. Finally around 8 pm that night the doctor said the baby's head was engaged I was finally allowed to sit up and get out of bed.


      During the night the contractions began to get stronger and more painful and were coming every 10 min. But by 9 am the next day (Wed. July 29) I was still only 80% effaced. The doctor told me that she would give me oxytocin to make the contractions stronger to get me fully dilated. Along with that she was going to give me something to relax so I could get some rest.


      Around 9:30 they put an IV in and by 9:31 I was passed out. The next thing I know I woke up in excruciating pain and the nurses and midwives saying that it was time to deliver the baby. Jeremy said that they had examined me and that I was only 8cm dilated but they wanted me to deliver the baby soon. I heard the nurses & midwives saying in Chinese that the baby's heart rate was too fast.


      So a little after 10 am I was wheeled into the delivery room where there were about 6 midwives & nurses all telling me to do something different. I was in so much pain and I heard the midwife tell me if you have a contraction push. I couldn't tell if I was having a contraction because I was already in so much pain so I decided to just start pushing. I had a much harder time pushing this time than I did with my first child since I wasn't fully dilated and his head hadn't descended all the way. Despite all that I only pushed for about 15 minutes and then I got to meet my handsome boy, Lucas Raymond Morton at 10:20am (Wednesday July, 29)! He weighed 3150g (6lbs. 15 oz) and was 50 cm (19.7 inches). 


      There was some difficulty delivering the placenta which was very unpleasant but over pretty quickly. The placenta came out in pieces so they had to swipe the inside of my uterus to make sure there wasn't any pieces left inside.


      Even though it was a very long and hard delivery I am very thankful that everything worked out – Jeremy being able to be there for the delivery; Ruth being able to watch Anna Mae; my recovering went much quicker and smoother than with AM's; and we have a beautifully perfect little boy!

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