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      Natural Childbirth in Chengdu is becoming very common at Newborn Maternity Hospital. However, you need to know that they do encourage you to have an epidural. Sometimes this is distracting when you are prepared and doing your best to have a natural delivery. If you can tolerate the distraction, this is a great hospital to have your baby.

      We know of at least one Expat home birth that took place here in Chengdu. The parents did all the pre and post-delivery care at Newborn Maternity Hospital. However, the home birth was not planned.

      Home delivery in China is not recommended in the case of foreigners for several reasons. First, if there was an emergency during the delivery, the emergency system is not yet fully able to handle time-critical situations. Second, the legal gymnastics one would have to perform in the case of something going wrong are phenomenal. Foreign midwifes and nurses are not allowed to practice medicine in China and at the present time are not legally allowed to assist at home. However, they are allowed to consult in hospitals. From what we have been able to find, there is no law against having a baby at home but if something goes wrong there are legal issues that you will have to face. Consult a lawyer for more information on this matter.

      For more information and testimonials about childbirth in Chengdu, please take a look at our site:

      Have a healthy and happy day,

      David and Lisa

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