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      I'm putting together a Pregnancy Notebook/Planner that I can take with me to the doctor's office, but also so I can keep basic information in one place. Here are some things I'm planning to include. I'd appreciate any suggestions of other information I need or of places to find the information listed.


      * Monthly calendars  (for recording events, symptoms, visits, tests, etc.)

      * Documents and/or copies–marriage license, passport pages

      * Pictures of me throughout pregnancy

      * Vocabulary (from of course)

      * Taxi directions from our home to the hospital in Chinese and pinyin

      * Pregancy timeline (baby development, prenatal tests, etc.)

      * Prenatal checkups/visit info

      * Pregnancy nutrition

      * Morning sickness info

      * Birth plan and translation

      * Breastfeeding info and translation

      * Baby name list

      * Baby needs (baby gear) list

      * Baby shower wish list

      * Want from US list

      * Budget

      * Take to hospital list

      * Cesarean info/questions and translation

      * Preeclampsia information and translation

      * Asthma in pregnancy information and translation

      * Pain relief in childbirth

      * When to go to the hospital

      * Things to avoid list

      * Medication(s) I'm taking and translation

      * Weight gain chart

      * Symptoms list

      * Medical history

      * Benefit of skin-to-skin contact and bonding at birth and translation

      * Colostrum info and translation


      In particular, if you have any suggestions for the first visit since we are going to the doctor next Wednesday.


      Thanks in advance,


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