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      In 2012 I moved from Greece to China with my husband due to his new placement. Beginning of 2014 I realized I was pregnant. From the very first visit to the local hospital, I could tell that I would face language barrier issues. But I never lost my optimism.

      I started searching information through the Internet, but this action led me to understand that language was not the only problem. There were so many other differences between European ways of delivery way and the Chinese ways, in ways that I had not imagined.

      I knew for sure that I would like to somehow prepare myself for this experience, by researching what extra issues I would face by having a baby in China. I wanted to get some more education, and try to find some emotional and physical support. My husband has always been by my side and this made me feel so nice, especially during this period, but he is was also not aware of specific things we would face in China. On our doctor’s visits, she could cover just a few of the questions, but not all. I wanted to have some breastfeeding education, some breathing technique classes. I wanted to have some advice for possible handling discomfort symptoms. I wanted to know the Chinese birth procedure and to create a birth plan. I wanted to feel that whenever a question or a problem would occur to me, there would be a person to provide me a solution. LLLI meetings in Suzhou assured to me that I would have a breastfeeding education and support but what about the rest?

      Searching in my area, I found out there was no service to offer me what I was looking for.  It was then when a person linked me with Shanghai Doula Services. Even if they cannot provide a birth support package out of Shanghai for reasonable reasons (they are committed to support the expectant mothers having natural births in Shanghai, so they cannot be far from that area), they can still suggest you to get there if possible and attend once a month the 2-day interactive workshop during a weekend. Another choice is to have your private class choosing from a wide variety of related topics that may interest you more or even prepare and raise your own questions. Such topics can be the HOSPITAL PROCEDURES, BIRTH PREFERENCES, BABYCARE, BREASTFEEDING, ETC. For anyone that would be interested can visit the website:  There you can also find the fees for their services and their contact details The e-mail I recently sent was fully and warmly replied to by Mrs. Alison in detail and this is something I cannot ignore.

      Now I feel that there are some people to contact and get all information I need to feel safe. And this makes me feel I am not alone any more here!!!

      Thank you “Shanghai Doula”!

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