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      the following post was sent by Jennifer Wenschhof
      Qingdao Municipal Hospital (Dong Hai
      Lu) 青岛市市立医院

      The Maternity and Pediatrics Wards
      occupy one of the older buildings on the hospital campus, so it’s
      not the same as when you go to visit the International Clinic on the
      4th Floor of the Main Building. You should definitely
      visit the ward when making your decision to determine if it’s right
      for you. Because there are no gyn/ob specialists in the
      International Clinic you will be seen by a Chinese doctor, with a
      nurse translator from the International Clinic. So, for your routine
      check- ups make sure you are aggressive about asking questions and
      getting answers. If you have particular concerns it’s best to do
      some research on line about how it’s done in your native country
      and then present these ideas to the doctor. As far as the father
      being allowed in the delivery room, it is possible, however you will
      need to get permission from the hospital, for me that required the ob
      calling someone with more authority than her to get the OK, and make
      sure it is written in your medical chart that permission was
      obtained. And/or ask the doctor do give you a letter stating that
      you have permission for your husband to be in the labor/delivery area
      with you. If a C-section is necessary no one will be able to be with
      you, however if my case they made sure that there was an English
      speaking nurse, whose only job was to stay at my head and translate
      for me and make sure that I was ok with what was happening. If you
      have no previous experience with Chinese hospitals be prepared to
      need to bring everything with you to the hospital. For example, I
      had a C-section and therefore had a catheter, my husband had to go
      the supermarket in the hospital to by a bed pan, to drain the
      catheter bag into to empty it. Also be prepared to have someone stay
      with you, because the nurses don’t really do any direct patient
      care. They change you IV bag and ask you how you are and that’s
      about it, everything else will need to be done by a family member or
      friend. There is no food service at the hospital, but there is at
      least one Chinese restaurant that will come around with a menu and
      then deliver food three times per day.

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