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Should you give your baby Chinese milk?? | Having a Baby in China

Should you give your baby Chinese milk??

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      Hi all, this question is for when you have finished breastfeeding and have decided to wean, what did you give your baby? Most American websites say that after one year your baby is ready for whole milk. However, most Chinese people I talk to encourage me not to give my little one milk until she’s 2 years old. After the huge milk scandal, Chinese don’t trust Chinese milk. A lot of babies died or got sick during that time. So, has anyone here already past this stage? Did you let your baby drink milk, did you buy foreign milk, formula, or did you just keep breastfeeding?

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      Hi there!! Due to my c-section, it’s hard for me to breastfeed specially when there is no support from other people. Because of the milk scare, I was afraid of giving her Chinese milk and for her 1st 6 months we used a western milk and it’s quite a hassle. My friends told me the brand Yashily is good so we tried it and she’s been drinking that brand for 6 months(6months to 1 year) Now we change to Pediasure but it’s hard to come by not to mention expensive. So we are thinking of going back to Yashily. However, For safety purposes, we don’t order online (they say there’s fake milk too) and just get it from the big department stores where they got deliveries directly from the manufacturer. I agree that breastmilk is best for babies but if you need to work or when traveling, it’s handy if your baby drinks formula 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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