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      maria luisa

      My name is Maria Luisa, I am a Marketing intern for Body and Soul yoga.

      Our company has been active for more than 6 years, offering a large range of yoga courses, with qualified teachers who also attend their lessons in English.

      One of the classes offered is prenatal yoga. We know that for a pregnant woman it is relevant to have the cognitive preparation for an easy delivery like learning how to breath and avoid injuries.

      According to this topic we would like to invite you to our event “PRENATAL YOGA AND WELLNESS DAY”, taking place in our Lujiazui centre in Pudong centre, Oneluijiazui building, 68 Yincheng Middle Road, on the 24th of August.

      This is a good occasion for women to be phisically prepared and well informed, but also a great opportunity to meet other pregnant women and enjoying a relaxing massage and a healthy lunch offered by our company.

      356 RMB is regular price
      178 RMB is special price for Body and Soul Yoga members
      178 RMB + 1 piece half price voucher (If you send an email [email protected] with name and mobile phone before Sunday)

      The ticket includes:

      .1 hour Prenatal Yoga

      .Neck and shoulder massage


      .Access to pregnacy shopping and healty nutrition stands


      Future daddys are welcome!

      For all the information a flyer is attached.

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

      We look forward to seeing you there,


      Maria Luisa Sansubrino, Marketing intern at Body and Soul Yoga

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