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Having a Baby in China: The Course

Lesson 1: Choosing a Hospital in China

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Lesson Author: Ruth Greene CD (DONA)

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All Available Lessons:

1. Choosing a Hospital in China

A rundown of the 5 options available for having a baby in China.

2. Routine Checkups and Tests in China

Get an understanding of what tests and checkups you’ll need to do.

3. Advocating for Yourself during Pregnancy in China

Learn the importance of standing strong for what’s important to you.

4. Having a C-Section in China

C-Section rates are higher in China than many Western countries. Watch this to know what to expect!

5. Breastfeeding in China

This is a walk through what it looks like to breastfeed in China and what to expect from hospital staff and the greater community.

6. Having an All Natural Birth in China

Tips on what to do to prepare for an all natural birth.