Modern Women Hospital

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Modern Women Hospital

B exit of Fangcun Metro station, south of Zhujiang tunnel, Liwan district, Guangzhou City.



Guǎng zhōu nǚ zǐ yī yuàn

Guǎng zhōu shì lì wān qū zhū jiāng suì dào nán kǒu ( dì tiě fāng cūn zhàn B1 chū kǒu )


  • Phone: 020-81891111
Web Address:
Wechat ID: GZNZ-hospital
WeChat QR Code:

Public or Private?


Appointment or Outpatient?

By appointment

Appointment through wechat is available.

Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

Modern women hospital is located in Guangzhou Liwan District Zhujiang Tunnel South entrance (subway Fangcun station B1 exit). The hospital has more than 50 beds, 152 existing health technicians, 38 clinical physicians, 41 medical personnel, 21 persons with senior technical titles (Orthometric 5 people, Deputy High 16), 13 persons with intermediate technical titles, 45 persons with primary technical title, 73 nursing staff, including 6 main managers, and some other 67 primary caring staffs.

Modern women hospital has a number of professional/specialist; each department has its own characteristics, including: Internal Medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, family planning, reproductive health and infertility, pediatrics, anesthesiology, medical laboratory, pathology, medical imaging, and Chinese medicine.


English service available?


Translator assistance available.

Are foreign doctors available?


Does hospital direct-bill insurance companies?


Where do mothers labor, deliver & recover?

Labor and deliver in separate rooms

Are labor, delivery, recovery rooms private?


Is NICU available on site?


Are natural birthing alternatives available (water birth, birthing on a yoga ball, etc...)?


Birthing on yoga ball available.

Does the hospital support VBAC?


It depends on the expectant mother’s condition.

Does the hospital offer any fertility treatment options?


Is a birthing coach, spouse, friend and/or translator allowed in the delivery room during delivery?


The father can be in the delivery room.

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