Matilda International Hospital

Located on The Peak, this is Hong Kong’s most prestigious hospital who’s maternity ward is always fully booked. You must book into The Matilda as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, otherwise by 6-8 weeks, it is often not possible to get a room.

The costs are very high as compared to Mainland hospitals, and completely disclosed on their website.

Staff are fantastic, very supportive of breastfeeding mothers.

All staff speak English, and all coversations, either with you or about you (in your presence) will be conducted in English.

Contact Info:
Matilda International Hospital

Matilda International Hospital
41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 2849 0111

Matilda Medical Centre (Central)
Suite 502, Prosperity Tower,39 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 2537 8500

Consultation hours:
8.30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday
8.30am – 1:30pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Matilda Clinic (Caine Road)
116 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 2849 2216

Consultation hours:
8:30am – 12:30pm, 3:30pm – 8:00pm Monday to Friday
8:30am – 5:30pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

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Matilda International Hospital

Matilda International Hospital
41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel: 2849 0111 [email protected]

Matilda Orthopaedic and Spine Centre
Tel: 5501 6699 [email protected]

Matilda Medical Centre (Central)
Suite 502, Prosperity Tower,39 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2537 8500 [email protected]

Matilda Clinic (Caine Road)
116 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Phone: 2849 2216 [email protected]


香港山顶加列山道 41 号
电话: 2849 0111
[email protected]


电话: 5501 6699 [email protected]

明德医疗中心 (中环)
电话: 2537 8500 [email protected]

明德诊所 (坚道)
电话: 2849 2216 [email protected]

míng dé guó jì yī yuàn

dì zhǐ
míng dé guó jì yī yuàn
xiāng gǎng shān dǐng jiā liè shān dào 41 hào
diàn huà : 2849 0111 [email protected]

míng dé gǔ kē hé jǐ zhuī zhōng xīn
diàn huà : 5501 6699 [email protected]

míng dé yī liáo zhōng xīn (zhōng huán )
xiāng gǎng zhōng huán huáng hòu dà dào zhōng 39 hào fēng shèng chuàng jiàn dà shà 502 shì
diàn huà : 2537 8500 [email protected]

míng dé zhěn suǒ (jiān dào )
xiāng gǎng jiān dào 116hào
diàn huà : 2849 2216 [email protected]


  • Matilda International Hospital: Tel: 2849 0111
  • Matilda Orthopaedic and Spine Centre: Tel: 5501 6699
  • Matilda Medical Centre (Central): Tel: 2537 8500
  • Matilda Clinic (Caine Road): Tel: 2849 2216
  • Maternity Department: Tel: 2849 0321


Email Address: [email protected]
Web Address:

Public or Private?


Appointment or Outpatient?

By appointment

Appointments can be made on their website

Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

In 2003 Matilda became the first private hospital in Hong Kong to implement the concept of clinical governance. The idea of clinical governance is to apply a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care within a health system.

Improving the patient healthcare experience is our core focus. Key quality initiatives include:
•Improving communications
•Promoting collaboration and transparency
•Consistency in practice
•Benchmarking to best practices
•Applying evidence-based methodologies to enhance and improve skills and standards

All healthcare professionals in Hong Kong must practice within their relevant professional codes of conduct.

The Hong Kong Department of Health, as the governing and licensing authority, is responsible for overseeing all private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Accreditations and certifications

In addition to clinical governance, the hospital has earned local and international accreditations.

Best practice

ACHS – Awarded by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards for organization-wide best practice and standards

Accreditation for Combined Obstetric and Gynaecological Service - accredited by The Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Management system

ISO 9001 – Awarded by Lloyd’s Register for achieving compliance with the ISO International Quality Management System

OHSAS 18001 – awarded by Lloyd’s Register for achieving compliance with internationally recognized occupational health and safety management system


The hospital has different packages. Please see their website for details

English service available?


Are foreign doctors available?


Does hospital direct-bill insurance companies?


Matilda International Hospital (MIH) has agreements with most insurance companies in Hong Kong and many international insurers. Please also see the details on their website

Where do mothers labor, deliver & recover?

Labor and deliver in separate rooms

Are labor, delivery, recovery rooms private?


Are natural birthing alternatives available (water birth, birthing on a yoga ball, etc...)?


Birthing on a yoga ball, analgesia and doula available.

Does the hospital support VBAC?


Is a birthing coach, spouse, friend and/or translator allowed in the delivery room during delivery?



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