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25 comments on “Hospital Listings
  1. Avatar Andrew David Kanu says:

    My wife is pregnant and is presently in Guangzhou. She was refused to fly to Sierra Leone.I am her husband presently in Sierra Leone. Pls. advice

    • Avatar L T says:

      Hi Andrew, I am a flight attendant and I worked up until 28 weeks. I only stopped because I moved to China. Who refused her? That sounds awfully strange. I don’t think I would have ever questioned the due date of a passenger. Maybe she should take the train to HK and try another flight. Good luck! I hope she can make her way to you!!

  2. Avatar Andrew David Kanu says:

    Hello my wife is in Guangzhou 32 weeks pregnant, she was not allowed to travel to Sierra Leone. Therefore, she is expected to give birth in China. I am presently in Sierra Leone. Please advise me

  3. Avatar carla says:

    hi everyone. could anyone recommend a hospital with low cost for natural birth in beijing or wuhan or shijiazhuang?
    my fiance and i are students. wuhan is preferred. we were to spend around 3000 to 5000 at most.

  4. Avatar Christine says:

    Hi J&J,

    Me and my husband live in Henan Province, Zhengzhou, Jiyuan City. Jiyuan very small city here so I am very hard to find good hospital here.. From 2017 We are will stay in China for long time..Since every hospital looks not clean and I saw some maternity wards are looks so terrible here.. I am go on 21W now.. Could you give me some recommendations for Good Hospital in Zhengzhou perhaps? That’s will be looks clean and the doctor can be respectful with us..

  5. Avatar mlokha says:

    Hello I want to do i.v.f in your age is 46 .how much the cost

  6. Avatar Jane says:

    Hello J & J:

    Do you have any recommendations for hospitals and maternity services in Xi’an?

    I’m Chinese born Australian, and my fiance is British, we’r planning on having a baby in the coming year, hope to seek for some advises on the process and hospital services.

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. Avatar Jane says:

    Hello J & J~

    I was wondering if you know any good hospitals in Xi’an (Shaanxi province) as me (Australian) and my fiance (British) are planning to have a baby in the coming year.

    Many thanks!

    • Avatar Cammy Z says:

      Hello. My husband and I just found out that we are having a second child. We are both American. We’re living in Xi’an and are looking for good hospitals. I’d appreciate any advice!

  8. Avatar Julie says:

    Dear Friends,
    I’m Julie. I hope to give birth in Rongcheng, Weihai. I am strongly in favour of natural birth and with my husband present. Can you offer some advice please? Many thanks.

    • Avatar Lindsay says:

      Hi Julie,

      From my own personal experience- natural birth shouldn’t be a problem. (Lol)

      I ended up giving birth in a public ward in Xiamen (we were planning to be at a VIP ward but they were full that night.)

      We can’t confirm if we were not offered drugs because a doctor wasn’t available, or if that is standard practice. We didn’t see a doctor from beginning to end and because we were in the public ward they weren’t going to allow my husband in the room but he fought for it and they just had to ask the midwife who said it was okay if was present.

      Good luck and congrats to you!!! I hope everything goes well for you and that you can share such an intimate moment with your husband in a far off country! We were really impressed with the level of service and thoroughness of the whole experience and time in hospital.

    • Ruth Ruth says:

      Hi Julie,

      I live in Qingdao which is just a couple hours away from Weihai. I don’t know much about birthing options in Weihai, but I know several people in surrounding cities are now coming to Qingdao to give birth at Qingdao United Family Hospital. Generally, outside of the tier one cities like Shanghai and Beijing, the birth options are very limited. You might find a hospital that has a doctor or nurse that speaks English, but the practices will be very Chinese. If you have an international clinic, I think that would be the first step in asking about hospitals that support the type of birth that you want. Of course you can also ask friends what they recommend.
      In general, in my experience Chinese hospitals have a very high c-section rate and offer very little support during the actual labor. It is not expected that husbands are able to attend (although this is becoming more common), and you are expected to do what the doctor says, even if you don’t understand why. When you are looking for a hospital, make sure to ask lots of questions, like what can you do to help me with the pain of labor? Do you have a birthing pool? Can my husband stay with me the entire time (even in case of C-section)? What is your c-section rate? Am I allowed to move around or do I have to stay on the bed?

      I hope this is helpful and that you are able to find some options. Whatever hospital you go with, add a post up here afterwards to share with others what you’ve learned. 🙂

  9. Avatar Lindsay says:

    Hi there! Thanks J&J for all the information.

    My husband and I are moving to Xiamen next month for him to start a new job, as our current jobs in Canada have.offered us each a 5-year LOA because of the economy.

    We are in a pickle because we are due in December and only today, did we finally receive our insurance information package. Unfortunately we found that they will not cover any maternity costs until 12 months of insurance with this new insurance company has lapsed. We are researching if our current work benefits will cover us somehow if we continue our coverage for a few months to help offset these crazy costs.

    But does anyone know any information about Chinese general hospitals in Xiamen as this will likely be the only option in our price range. We absolutely want a hospital that will allow my husband in the delivery room. (Or else I could just stay in Canada and have the baby here without putting us out thousands and thosands of dollars, but we obviously don’t want to be separated for the birth of our first child).

    Thank you for any help you can provide!


  10. Avatar Melsomba says:

    Does anyone know anything about hospitals in Changzhou?

  11. Avatar Ouadie says:

    Hi Jeremy & Jacquelyn

    My name is Ouadie Adimi I am in charge of the foreign consumers department at Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital. I came across your website and I was wondering whether we could be listed on your Hospitals listing rubric.
    Going throughout the comments, I would like to let you know that we have English speaking nurse and midwife as well as several members of our customer care staff that speak fluently French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. We provide natural birth and several options of what is known as painless birth such as water birth, free position birth…
    Finally we provide free yoga and “mom’s” classes on a regular bases so if anyone is interested by our classes or a visit to our hospital just let me know.

    If you have any questions you can reach us by this address:

    1091 Jianshe Avenue, Jiang’an District, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

    International Marketing Department:
    Tel. +86 155 2725 6861 – Adimi


    Tel. 027-66666333

  12. Avatar Paramita says:

    Hi Jeremy & Jacquelyn. Do you know any good maternity hospital in Wuhan (Hubei) that provide doctors who can speak English well? It’s my first pregnancy, I’m kind of nervous to face it anyway. Your information will be very helpful to me.


  13. Avatar Baritone says:

    Hey, Natty. My wife had our first baby born at Zhongda Hospital (Affiliated with Southeast University. She was assisted by our good friend, Dr. Cossette, and some Chinese nurses. They spoke good English, as well. If you want a private room, you’ve got to talk to them beforehand so they can reserve a room for you. If not, you’ll end up sharing a room with 6 other mothers, plus a bunch of visitors and curious onlookers/passersby. I love the place. Not too noisy and crowded compared with other birthing centers. We paid less than 6,000 for a 4-day stay at a private room. Zhongda Hospital is in Gulou area. If you see the Hunan Road arc, turn right and walk straight through the Light Tunnel Art.

  14. The hospital creates an intelligent and hotel-style health park for women, combines modern technology and medical humanities, builds a comprehensive digital service platform of health park. In the meantime, it integrates leisure life, health care, and shopping enjoyment into female health park, with social physiological and psychological interpretation in the medical service, and transforms traditional medical model thoroughly.

  15. Avatar Natty says:

    Can anyone recommand a chinese hospital in Nanjing, unfortunately we cannot afford a western style H as no health insurance will cover me since I will be taking the health insurance while pregnant.

    Also, has anyone experienced delivery with a translator? How did it work out?

  16. Avatar Lisa Newsham says:

    I would like to recommend Chengdu Newborn Maternity Hospital. They are the only hospital we know in Chengdu of that actually supports natural childbirth. Dr Yang also encourages fathers to be present during deliveries and will allow a doula to be present. He speaks excellent English and has a wonderful reputation with our clients. They have the statistics to demonstrate their position on natural childbirth vs c-sections.

    We provide childbirth classes in Chengdu

  17. Avatar Rebecca says:

    I’m looking for a hospital in Guangzhou, China. Do you have any help or information. Thanks, Becca

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