Choosing a Hospital

These are some questions to ask and things to look for when choosing a hospital. Especially look into these things if considering going to a local Chinese hospital.

Labor & Delivery Rooms:
It is common practice in local hospitals for all the women to labor together in one room. This means that no one can be with you during the whole labor & delivery. If you want your partner or anyone else to help you or be with you during labor & delivery, ask well beforehand if private labor and delivery rooms are available and who & how many people are allowed to join you.

Vaginal vs. Cesarean:
When choosing a hospital you should check out the rate of vaginal vs. cesarean births. Like a lot of hospitals worldwide, here in China the doctors & nurses prefer the control of C-section deliveries. If you prefer a C-section, most hospitals are very good at this procedure. If you really want to try and have a vaginal birth, research the hospital to make sure they will work with you and not push you into having an unnecessary C-section.

Some hospitals will allow someone to join you in the delivery room for natural births, but not during a C-Section. Please also look in to this well before the due date. Especially if the doctors and nurses at the hospital in which you deliver do not speak English, make sure they either provide a translator to be in the room with you, or will let you bring someone else in to translate.

Pain Meds:
You may want to ask if the hospital offers pain medication during labor & delivery. Many hospitals in China only give epidurals for those having a Cesarean.