Chinese hospitals are run a bit differently than those in the West. Below are some tips on how a visit to see the doctor would be like:

When arriving at any hospital, the first step is to register. If this is your first time you will need to fill out a registration book. You will also need to tell the registrar what kind of doctor you would like to see. You will need to pay this registration fee every time you visit the doctor. After you pay, they will give you a receipt. Take the receipt & your registration book and find the doctor’s office.

Once you find the office take your receipt & book and either give it to the doctor or, if there are people waiting, place it with the other books that are waiting to see the doctor. Please note that there is minimal privacy during these doctor visits. Most of the people also waiting to see the doctor are waiting in the room as you talk to the doctor. Usually if there is a need for an exam, the doctor will take you behind the curtain in the room to give you a little privacy.

Seeing the Doctor
Once you have talked to the doctor he or she may give you prescriptions with orders for blood tests, ultrasound, urine test or medication/vitamins. You will need to take these and pay for them. Each hospital is different, some you pay at the same place that registered or it maybe at a different “cashier desk.” After you have paid for it, take your receipts and your prescription papers and find out where to get the tests done.

After you have finished the test, pick up the results and take them back to the doctor for him or her to take a look.


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