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Ferguson Health

Ferguson Health is a proud advocate for Better Births and Empowered Parenting. Based in Shanghai, Ferguson Health is a hospital-based medical practice that offers in-person and online consultations by licensed medical doctors in the areas of gynecology (health checkups, trying to conceive, IVF, HPV detection and management, contraception and family planning); Maternity care including pregnancy and birth in our birthing center; Pediatric checkups and vaccinations. Additionally, Certified Consultants offer complimentary services (Birth Doula, Midwife Home Visits, Childbirth Education Classes, Lactation Consultations), melding medical and support services for your best birth and empowered parenting experiences.

Wechat ID: FergusonHealth
Address: 1314 Beijing West Rd, Building 5, 2F, JingAn District, Shanghai

Doulas of Shanghai

Doulas of Shanghai is a collective of doulas and lactation professionals serving families in Shanghai and across China.

Having a baby can bring with it a lot of emotions—from joy and excitement about meeting your little one, to fear and anxiety about what your birth may look like in China.

We’re here with you each step of the way! We’re here to listen, and teach you what to expect and how you can feel more confident and prepared. From birth preparation, being in the hospital with you, to meeting you at home to answer all your newborn care and breastfeeding questions, doula support will help you more fully enjoy these priceless moments with your little one.

Doula support is available both in-person and online. Contact us for more information about labor doula support, postpartum doula care, breastfeeding/infant feeding consultations, childbirth education, and more.

WeChat ID: DoulasofShanghai

The Prepared Expat

The Prepared Expat is dedicated to equipping you to survive and thrive as an expat. Beyond the medical challenges of giving birth abroad, you’ll face practical and logistic challenges like applying for a passport and visa, getting a Social Security card, flying with your child, raising an international child, dealing with cross-cultural stressors, and more!

Get free resources and guides to help you survive and thrive as an expat. Sign up for [The Prepared Expat’s free newsletter]( and get a chapter of our book for free!

WeChat ID: ThePreparedExpat
Instagram: @thepreparedexpat

Powerful Positive Parenting

Powerful Positive Parenting is run by Miki Cutuli. She’s a half Italian half Spanish mom of 3 kids who offers the following services: Positive Parenting Coach, birth and post partum Doula, Child birth educator, lactation consultant, Montessori educator, Positive Discipline educator.  

Connect with her today!




Health Insurance with Asian Risks

Asian Risks is an insurance broker offering health insurance solutions.

We work with international and local insurance providers to find the best insurance plans according to your needs to protect your loved ones.

Learn about insurance options for your baby and children, or to cover complications in maternity. Find out what is and isn’t covered under each type of policy.

Contact us for a free consultation and to get a quote.

WeChat: timurkao


Greenwave specializes in Water and Air Filters with China-wide, onsite service.

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Visit their website at

Andrea Marquez IntImates

When we contemplate the miracle of life, it is common for all attention to turn to the newest member of the family, the baby. And that’s exactly why the idea of “Take care of yourself Mommy” comes up. After all, who thinks of us, Mom? I thought…! I want to be part of this very special moment that pregnancy is, but I didn’t just think about that, I thought about the postpartum period, comfortable lingerie, a practical model for breastfeeding, and a tailor-made model, so you can breastfeed your baby anywhere… both developed with fabrics according to medical recommendation. The bra with an opening for breastfeeding, and the panties with a double front that helps compress the belly.

WeChat ID: andreapizzato

Instagram: @andreampizzato


KiWiCareBaby focus on solving skin problems.

-For baby: diaper rash, saliva rash, milk rash, atopic dermatitis and etc.

-For mom: eczema in pregnant women, breast eczema, pregnant women acne, itchy skin and other skin barrier function problems.

100% hormone-free, natural, safety and good efficacy, SGS report, hospital clinical testing and Laboratory of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences testing.

Wechat ID: zhouli_6798


Kuni Learning

Kuni Learning is a holistic birth education and postnatal support platform.

Founded on the belief that birth is not an isolated event, our signature “The Makings Of A Mother” course encourages women from all walks of life to understand the power of our biology. Designed to be complimentary to traditional birth education – the sessions offer opportunities to understand birth culture, reshape the perception of pain and offer insight into the complexities of postpartum life.

To support women in their postpartum journey, “Shanghai Motherhood Circle” offers regular women’s circles to establish a community for mothers to grow, heal and thrive together.

Wechat ID: mandyacai
Instagram @kunilearning

LifeStyle with B

Lifestyle with B is owned by Brittany, a wife and mother of three. Our company specializes in providing birth and postpartum doula services, childbirth education classes, baby shower and kids’ birthday party planning, and a wealth of parenting resources on our official WeChat account.

At Lifestyle with B, we understand the importance of building a strong support network while living abroad. That’s why we also host events aimed at helping families create their own village of trusted individuals to rely on during their parenting journey.

Contact us to receive the personalized and compassionate care you deserve during this precious time in your life. Let us help you navigate the challenges of parenthood and create lasting memories with your growing family.

Wechat ID: LifestylewithB

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