Children’s Hospital of Shanghai

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Children's Hospital of Shanghai

Luding road division:No. 355, Luding road, Shanghai city
Beijing West division: No 24, Lane 1400 West Beijing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai



Shànghǎi shì értóng yīyuàn

Lúd ìng lù yuàn qū : Shàng hǎi shì lú dìng lù 355 hào
běi jīng xī lù yuàn qū : Shàng hǎi shì běi jīng xī lù 1400 nòng 24 hào


  • Luding lu division: 021-62474880-72116/72117
  • Beijing Xi West division: 021-62474880-82116/82117
Web Address:
Wechat ID: shichildren
WeChat QR Code:

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Appointments can be made through wechat.

Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

Children's Hospital of Shanghai is one of the level three Class A children's hospital. It was founded in 1937 in Shanghai. In 1953 it changed its name to Children's Hospital of Shanghai. It is China's first specialist hospital for children. In 2003 It became Shanghai Jiaotong University affiliated children's Hospital.


English service available?


Are foreign doctors available?


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Is NICU available on site?


Does the hospital offer any fertility treatment options?


Children’s Hospital of Shanghai focuses on the new born babies’s service and cannot do antenatal care or deliver a baby.

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Founders of, Jeremy and Jacquelyn have four children. The first three were born in three different hospitals in China and the last was born at home in the US. Jeremy and Jacquelyn created in 2009 after they found little information for foreigners having babies in China. They love connecting with other foreigners having babies. Learn more about them on the about page.


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