Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital

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Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital

No. 1045 Hongmei Road
Minhang District
Shanghai City



shàng hǎi bǎi jiā fù chǎn yī yuàn

shàng hǎi shì mǐn háng qū hóng méi lù 1045 hào ( jìn dōng lán lù)


  • Phone: 021-67285299
  • Phone: 021-67283333


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Wechat ID: shbjyy
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Public or Private?


Appointment or Outpatient?

By appointment

Appointments can be made through wechat, phone call 021-67283333 or their website.

Official Hospital Description

(Pleases note that the "Official Hospital Description" is directly from the hospital's website or other marketing materials.)

The Shanghai Tower draws the highest skyline in the Lujiazui area;
  And Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital represents the maximum love and patient-centered care within the Middle Ring.
  No. 1045 of Hongmei Road is a poetic place full of love and care, which you can feel in the smile of the medical staff and in every detail.
  As a high-end healthcare organization providing medical service and health management to women and children, Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital is committed to leading the maternity and infants care industry with the new concept of Green Childbirth and introduction of JCI standards. It’s innovative 3H-Service model is an integration of quality hospital medical care, hotel service standards and home-like atmosphere.
In a metropolis like Shanghai, Baijia implements JCI standards and smart healthcare technologies to achieve integrated care. The departments including Obstetrics, Gynecology, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Women's Health Care, Pediatrics and General Practice are all centered by patients. The establishment of digital healthcare platform, utilization of mobile healthcare, implementation of JCI standards on service procedures and high-level standards, all to offer you a more convenient, comfortable and quality consultation experience.
  Walking into Baijia, you will be impressed by the elegant old style Shanghai buildings, exquisite garden courtyard and vintage interior design. From the layout to the color and from the inside to the outside, every detail presents the delicate Shanghai style and brings you the most beautiful sentiment.
  We provide you and your family comprehensive health care by membership management and an appointed consultation system.
  We are committed to bringing Shanghai women and children happiness and well-being with every special service, such as private customized care, LDR Doulas, water birth, postpartum recovery center, postnatal recovery, pain-reduced delivery and minimally invasive surgeries.
Shanghai, a metropolis on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  Baijia is the warmest homeland full of love
  Shanghai Baijia, a healthcare provider with international concepts and modern medical treatment, and a perfect integration of science and patient-centered care, will refresh your imagination and expectation on the quality of international medical care!


English service available?


International department available.

Are foreign doctors available?


Does hospital direct-bill insurance companies?


Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital has concluded agreements on direct billing with the many international insurance carriers. Please see their website for details

Where do mothers labor, deliver & recover?

Labor and deliver in separate rooms

LDR rooms available.

Are labor, delivery, recovery rooms private?


Single rooms available.

Is NICU available on site?


Are natural birthing alternatives available (water birth, birthing on a yoga ball, etc...)?


water birth and pain relief delivery available.

Does the hospital support VBAC?


It depends on the expectant Mom's condition and doctor's opinion.

Does the hospital offer any fertility treatment options?


Is a birthing coach, spouse, friend and/or translator allowed in the delivery room during delivery?


Fathers are allowed to accompany their wives into the delivery room for a natural birth (not for a C-section).

Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital a Member of BAIJIA International Group. Following the evaluation criteria of Joint Commission International (JCI) in management, Baijia has introduced Full Care for Women and Infants and the 3H Service: HOME, HOTEL, HOSPITAL.

Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital is a high-end healthcare provider specializing in healthcare service and health management of women and children.

With abundant and premium international healthcare resources, Baijia International Group affiliate hospitals has established long-term technical cooperation with institutes including Waterbirth International, West Coast Ultrasound Institute, Medical Department of Drexel University, the U.S. School of Nursing of Texas Tech University and South Korea Bellrajue (Bear) Female Hospital, as well as strategic partnership with well-known organizations of women and children healthcare in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and the U.S.

With departments including:

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Neonatology /Pediatrics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Birth Services
  • Waterbirth
  • LDR Home Like Delivery
  • Doula Guided Delivery
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education
  • Free Position Delivery

Butler Services and Luxurious Suites
Newborn Care & BABY SPA
Professional Nutritionist and Postpartum Diet
Recuperation Counseling with Experienced TCM Specialists
Postpartum Psychological Consultation
Professional Mothers and Infants Nurses
Prenatal Education / Mothers Club

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman

Founders of, Jeremy and Jacquelyn have four children. The first three were born in three different hospitals in China and the last was born at home in the US. Jeremy and Jacquelyn created in 2009 after they found little information for foreigners having babies in China. They love connecting with other foreigners having babies. Learn more about them on the about page.


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