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If you have product or service that you’d like to promote on our website and/or WeChat channels, please consider purchasing a sponsored post. Opportunities to connect with our audience happen in two primary places:

Expert Blog

Our Expert Blog is the place people go to learn about various aspects of having a baby in China. This continues to be an incredible resource to our users and is an extremely popular section of our site. This is a great place for longer-form articles and a place to expound on your product or service’s benefits.


We have a vibrant community of people interested in the subject of having a baby in China. This group is made up of parents-to-be, new parents, and many childbirth experts, all of whom speak English and are primarily located in China.

Potential Sponsorship Opportunities

Expert Blog Post

¥200 – 1 Blog Post, 200-750 words, up to 3 pictures (provided by you)


¥350 – 1 WeChat post, max 80 words, 1 picture (provided by you)

Expert Blog + WeChat

¥500 – both options listed above, ¥50 savings.

Product Review

Send us your product or service and we will review it on our website and WeChat channel.
¥1,000 – Text and Pictures, Expert Blog and WeChat post.
¥2,000 – Video, text and pictures, YouTube, Expert Blog and WeChat post.

*Please note that all sponsored posts will be noted as such. This is ethical and, many times, required by law. Relevant and reliable content and information is very important to us. We have the right to reject any sponsored post proposals.

If you would like to inquire about any of these opportunities, please send an email to [email protected]