Preterm Labor & Birth in China

This post originally appeared on and is reposted with permission by the author, Felicity Miller. Going into premature labour is a very stressful situation to find yourself in. However, there are ways to increase your chance of having a positive experience. Do your homework early. I can’t emphasis this point enough. Find out the resuscitation cutoff dates in the different local hospitals. They may be different. The hospital I was in (2011) was over 28 weeks and over 1,000g. My baby was born on the morning of 28 weeks and weighed 1,000g exactly! If you go into premature labour at 25 weeks, you do not want to turn up at a hospital that will count the birth as a miscarriage. This first decision is important. If a lady has a placenta abruption while alone in the middle of Shanghai she needs to know where she wants to go. Read


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