Wenzhou Baijia Oriental Maternity Hospital

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Wenzhou Baijia Oriental Maternity Hospital

No. 79 Station road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.



wēn zhōu bǎi jiā dōng fāng fù chǎn yī yuàn

zhè jiāng shěng wēn zhōu shì lù chéng qū chē zhàn dà dào 79 hào


  • Phone: 0577-86795122
Web Address: http://www.nz120.com/
Wechat ID: wzdf120
WeChat QR Code:

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Appointments can be made on wechat, on their website or by phone call.


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Analgesia and doula available.

Wenzhou Oriental Maternity Hospital is a female general medical institution which is jointly presented by Wenzhou Oriental Women’s Hospital and Singapore International Women & Infants Management College. As a pioneer in women health industry, the hospital advocates a service philosophy of “enjoying the happiness of international medical care” and integrates the most high-quality medical resources from Singapore and all over the country.

Profession – the hospital focuses on giving women all-round health care in favor with the following advantages: long-term technical cooperation and exchange with well-known medical colleges both at home and abroad, high-level technical teams led by first-class medical experts and professors, and the international leading medical equipment, as well as unique and effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. With reference to international professional disciplines subdivision model, the hospital carries out “OJ369” disciplinary construction system, with personal butler, FCWI mother-baby home and women’s plastic club as its three medical characteristics.

The six key disciplines and nine core technologies are as follows: gynecology and obstetrics, infertility section, family planning section, aesthetic plastic surgery and breast health care. The hospital achieves new medical service system of combining medical research and clinical practice.

Fashion – to create intelligent, hotel-style women’s health zone, and to comprehensively create a healthy digital medical services platform with perfect combination of modern technology and humanistic medical care. By its cozy, elegant and neat environment, private diagnosis and treatment rooms with star-rated hotel settings, gymnasium, multi-media education rooms, art gallery, baby-caring oxygen bar, and mother-baby living house, full range of humanistic services can meet the need of women’s health. Meanwhile, VIP guests will enjoy more valuable and honorable services.
Quality – consistent pursuit of a more comprehensive and diversified health care quality management. Following the most authoritative JCI standard construction recognized by WHO and evaluated by international medical care quality. With excellent management, to become the first medical organization all over the country which has passed ISO9001 International Quality System authentication, the hospital takes the lead in introducing TQM concept, and adopts medical quality management tools such as QCC (Quality Control Circle), 5S (5S Management), CQI (Control Quality Investigation), QC(Quality Control) and Proposal System, etc., which enables to continuously enhance the medical care quality and be recognized widely by the international medical community.

Our technologies are side by side with world levels, services in line with international standards! All Oriental personnel are devoting themselves to the women’s health industry, concerning women’s health with a brand-new point of view, leading new trend for women’s life with high-quality services, to create an “International–brand Hospital Favored by Women”.

Wenzhou Baijia Oriental Maternity Hospital
No. 79 Station road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.
Tel: 0577-86795122 (Chinese Only)
Web: http://www.wzfk.net (Chinese Only)



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